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     Ultimately, Bret Harte English classes are about a) understanding what you read, b) thinking critically, c) discussing your ideas, and d) writing to show what you have learned. You will be very successful in any English class if you simply work hard, study regularly, ask questions, and have academic integrity. 

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Common Core State Standards

          A focus on engaging and motivating teens is critical for success as these emerging adults prepare for college and careers. Students are supported to explore literature, informational text, and topics of individual interest and relevance to expand their knowledge, connect to their peers and cultures, and develop their individual identities. The standards continue to build higher, more sophisticated expectations for students as they work toward college and career readiness by the end of grade twelve. Students ready for college, careers, and civic life demonstrate the following capabilities as literate individuals. They (1) demonstrate independence; (2) build strong content knowledge; (3) respond to the varying demands of audience, task, purpose, and discipline; (4) comprehend as well as critique; (5) value evidence; (6) use technology and digital media strategically and capably; and (7) come to understand the perspectives of others. In preparation for today’s global society, they are encouraged to be broadly literate—reading, watching, and listening for pleasure, information, and inspiration and communicating knowledgeably, powerfully, and responsively.

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